High School Diploma and Equivalency programs are designed for students who want to complete their high school education. Highly-qualified and credentialed staff assist you with completing online or face-to-face courses leading to a WUSD High School Diploma or with online, in-person preparation for the four GED tests leading to a GED Certificate (equivalent to HSD). You’re never too old to complete your High School Diploma or GED. Enroll today!
Our career staff are available to help you create an educational plan that is flexible to your needs, but also effective in helping you meet your educational goals.
A copy of your most recent high school transcript is required for evaluation and placement.
Student Center
Our facilities are available to all students who seek information regarding post-secondary education, the college registration process, financial aid information, career and job exploration, etc.
Earn a GED (PDF)
Want to learn more about adult education and what high school program will be right  for you? Visit Capital Adult Education here to explore the differences and decide which one will get you closer to your education and career goals. 

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      High School Diploma and GED Schedule
High School Diploma or GED?